An undertaking for all needs.

substanzkonzept: the strategic plan

During the initial meeting we become more familiar, discuss your situation and define the relevant management ratios. Based on our rich experience we deliver a first rough estimate of strategy.

During the second step you place an order for a detailed current state which forms the basis for our analysis and strategic development. We check your balance sheets, business assessments, trial balances, accounts payable and accounts receivable lists, loan agreements as well as account files and use this as a base for our work. Besides, we consider your personal and also the prevailing order situation.

Together we select the suitable strategy and communicate it to the relevant internal and external instances. Of course we also implement further consequential measures for you – personal and ideal for you.  

To guarantee a successful project procedure, we carry out regular meetings. Besides, a project controlling and reporting system allows a permanent target-performance comparison. Thus we react in a timely manner to changes and adapt your strategy purposefully.

You would like to know more about our approach? Then simply contact us! Because a good advice often starts with a good first question.


1. Free initial meeting

The personal contact is essential for a successful cooperation. We will gladly sit together with you in an initial meeting to discuss your individual situation. 

Based on your information we devise primary intuitive strategy concepts. It is important for us that all present and future steps are comprehensible for you and also remain it. That is why we inform you about all facts. Transparency is an important companion in our profession. 

If nothing else, we respond to your possible worries and fears regarding the forthcoming stage. Trust in our experience and do not hesitate to contact us.

Short overview

  • personal meeting
  • gathering of the problem or rather the present stage of crisis
  • discussion of spontaneous strategy ideas 
  • information / alleviation of fear

2. Order

After acceptance of our terms and conditions you place your written order for our consultation services. If necessary, you can also grant us the authorisations necessary for the process in this phase. If the formalities are settled, we dedicate ourselves to the actual analysis of your enterprise situation.

Short Overview

  • written order
  • accept ion of terms and conditions
  • possibly granting of necessary authorisations

3. Actual analysis

To carry out a detailed actual analysis, we deal with different corporate aspects. After documentation of all current and retrograde figures we check the accounts payable and receivable. Emanating results are followed by a report on the capital assets.

Furthermore we estimate your loans, guarantees and other funding sources. Our finance and liquidity plan is based on these data and shows a realistic current situation of your business.

In addition we look into liability surveys of your shareholders and/or managers and check other contracts. Rely on our expertise. Successful reorganisation measures originate from thoroughly taking inventory.

Short overview 

  • Inventory  of current and retrograde figures 
  • Review of current accounts payable and accounts receivable (balance confirmations)
  • Poss. render of an expert’s report (capital assets: e.g. machines, patents, trademark rights etc.)
  • Review of guarantees, banks, leasing and loans in all areas
  • Creating a report "current state of the enterprise" (incl. finance and liquidity plan)
  • Review of possible liabilities of shareholder(s) / manager(s) by our lawyers
  • Examination of other contracts

4. Analysis

A target-oriented inventory and analysis of all data is indispensable to outline a realistic current state. First we check all accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as other receivables and trade accounts payable. The outcome is the disclosure of the active/not available assets and possible hidden reserves. Thus an understandable representation of the assets side and credit column of the enterprise is possible.                   

With the help of the analysis we provide a suitable liquidity planning which fits perfectly according to the needs of your enterprise. By consideration of all relevant elements an ideal customer support is possible on our part. Since only a comprehensive overview focuses on the essential.

5. Strategy

Only after a professional analysis we are in a position to develop the best possible individual strategy for your enterprise. When drafting the plan we not only consider all basically reviewed figures and facts, but also personal situations and temporal aspects.

Your personal enterprise strategy consists of the following consulting segments:

  • Restructuration
  • Moratorium / payment by instalments
  • Haircut as a debt relief
  • General insolvency / shutdown of a business
  • Transferring reorganisation including management buy-out,
    -buy-in or mergers & acquisitions (merger / acquisition of businesses) 
  • Self-administered insolvency plan (§270a InsO
    (bankruptcy act))
  • Insolvency protection proceedings (§270b InsO/ESUG)
  • Reorganisation measures
  • Financing concepts (by substanzfinanz)
  • compromise financing solutions (by substanzkapital)

6. Implementation

We won’t leave you alone with a concept and strategy plan: we accompany you.

We negotiate, upon request, for you with banks and creditors, look for managers, successors and investors, provide you with competent legal advisors and assist with the procurement of the necessary liquidity.

In other words: we do everything to achieve our mutually defined goals.